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High Performance Tractor Fluid

High Performance Tractor Fluid

High Performance Universal Tractor Fluids

by Becky Hornblower

Today’s off-road equipment is engineered with more horsepower, greater torque and increased hydraulic flow rates. Those performance increases frequently result in higher operating pressures, more stress on transmissions and hydraulic systems and the potential for quicker fluid degradation. Universal Tractor Fluid (UTF) is the multi-functional fluid formulated specifically for tractors and off-road equipment using a centralized system to lubricate the transmission, hydraulic system, clutches, wet brakes, pumps and other components.

UTF failure due to the degradation and shearing of oil molecules under the increased stresses of severe operating conditions can lead to various component failures. To avoid the frustrations of costly downtime, it is important to use a fluid formulated to stabilize, protect and clean throughout the entire oil drain interval.

Stability: A premium UTF will contain a shear-stable viscosity index improver to provide year-round fluid performance. In cold temperatures, it improves pumpability especially beneficial for remote applications such as hydraulics and power steering. At operating temperatures, it maintains adequate viscosity to create a protective film between moving parts. Premium UTF is formulated to protect despite extended drain intervals, tighter tolerances, increased heat and operating pressures.

Protection: In addition to anti-wear, anti-corrosion and extreme-pressure additives, a high performance UTF will also contain a water emulsifier to hold water in suspension. Condensation from temperature swings can lead to water accumulation.Without good emulsification, water will settle to metal surfaces leading to rust and corrosion. Filter clogging can also occur. Good water handling capability is especially critical during low-use periods.

Cleanliness: As drain intervals are extended and operating temperatures increased, long lasting performance is increasingly critical. Cleaners, such as detergents, dispersants and anti-oxidants, inhibit fluid degradation, development of deposit build-ups, sludge and corrosive acids and overall thickening of the oil.

FS Power Fluid is formulated as a balanced, high-performance UTF that eliminates the need to use different fluids across numerous brands of tractors and other equipment. Extensive field testing has proven its superior lubricity, wear protection, and rust and oxidation resistance under a variety of operating conditions. Its new, innovative additive technology meets or exceeds most OEM specifications.

The technology used in today’s highly-engineered equipment requires more performance from its lubricants than older, legacy equipment. For optimum performance, we recommend a premium, high performance product such as FS Power Fluid.Contact your local FS Energy Specialist today. 


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