Your safety is our main concerns!  That is why we are sure all propane installations are done by our qualified personnel, all installations are inspected annually by AGRILAND FS staff, and all modifications to a propane installation are done by our qualified propane specialists.  Remember propane is heavier than air and can collect initially at low levels, i.e. floors and drains so if you smell it, do not turn anything on or off. Always leave the premises immediately, turn the propane tank off, and call from a neighbors’ house or safe location!  In addition to providing you with this information, AGRILAND FS offers other ways to help you and your property stay safe. Please take the time to read and periodically review this important safety information.


Emergency Numbers

AGRILAND FS has an after-hours phone number dedicated to propane emergencies. Please utilize the following phone numbers for propane emergencies only based on where you receive your propane service!

Emergency Phones Territories (rev. 2018)